BCPC The Pesticide Manual Online シングルユーザーライセンス

BCPC The Pesticide Manual Online シングルユーザーライセンス

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BCPC The Pesticide Manual Online シングルユーザーライセンス




The Pesticide Manual Online
BCPC 農薬マニュアル オンライン版 (シングルユーザーライセンス)
出版社 BCPC Publications ltd.
提供形態 オンライン版(1年間オンラインアクセス契約)
購入方法 年間購読
納期 ご注文より通常1-2週間以内にご利用可能


The most comprehensive, up to date version yet. All the information contained in The Pesticide Manual, eighteenth edition PLUS more!!

The online version of this unique information source offers a sophisticated search engine and includes a much larger data set of product names that can be contained in a printed publication. Over 10,400 product names, 3,100 discontinued names and 710 supplementary entries.

It also includes Smiles strings which can be converted to chemical structures using standard structure handling software.

Recommendations of the Resistance Action Committees are regularly updated, along with toxicological reviews from JMPR and the EU.

What it offers
- Regular updates to keep pace with industry changes
- Powerful search and export functions
- User friendly and accessible
- Powerful functionality

Users can
- Carry out powerful, multiple searches combining physicochemical parameters: Henry, KoW, melting point, molecular weight, pKa, solubility in water, vapour pressure, plus class and field use
- Combine multiple searches with full-text searches
- Search indexes of names, CAS reg numbers, molecular formulae, codes, resistance classes, fields of use, companies, target species and formulation types
- Export search results in specified formats for use in spreadsheets
- Save searches
- Customise information for download and print
- Export chemical structure graphics for use in presentations
- Benefit from direct links to many related data sources