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Wohlers Report 2020 (書籍版)

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Wohlers Report 2020 (書籍版)




Wohlers Report 2020 (書籍版)
ウォーラーズ レポート3Dプリンタにおけるトレンド、分析とその見通しについての報告書 2020年版
発行元 Wohlers Associates
発行年/月 2020年3月   
装丁 Softcover
ページ数 380ページ
ISBN 978-0-9913332-6-4
発送予定 海外倉庫よりお取り寄せ 2-3週間以内に発送致します

Wohlers Reportは積層造形(AM)および3D印刷の世界的なレビューと分析をご提供致します。 このレポートでは20年以上に渡ってAMについての議論が行われ、業界トップのレポートとして機能して来ました。 多くの人がWohlers Reportを3Dプリンター業界の「聖書」と呼んでいます。

New and expanded features of the 2020 edition include:

・Maturing and emerging applications of AM for series production
・Review of AM in the dental industry
・Commentary on 79 early-stage investments valued at $1.1 billion
・Compilation of 71 industry partnerships in the recent past
・Expert reports from 35 countries
・Tables of systems, third-party materials, software tools, and emerging technologies

The report was supported by a record number of 129 service providers, 114 manufacturers of industrial AM systems, and 40 producers of third-party materials and desktop 3D printers. It documents government-sponsored research and development, collaborations and consortia, and the activities of 139 academic and research institutes around the world.

The report has benefited from the important contributions of 78 co-authors and contributors in 33 countries. Wohlers Associates is fortunate to have developed what is believed to be the largest worldwide network of professionals in the industry. This access and trust has resulted in a report that offers an unparalleled window into additive manufacturing and 3D printing.