AFCEN Codes RCC-M 2020.PWR加圧水型原子炉ニュークリアアイランドの機械部品の設計および建設規則

AFCEN Codes RCC-M 2020

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AFCEN Codes RCC-M 2020




RCC-M 2020 :Design and Construction Rules for Mechanical Components of PWR Nuclear Islands
AFCEN RCC-M 2020: 加圧水型原子炉ニュークリアアイランドの機械部品の設計および建設規則
発行年 2020年   
装丁 Softcover
発送予定 海外倉庫よりお取り寄せ 1-3週間以内に発送します


This twelfth edition of RCC-M incorporates all the modifications and additions made to the previous edition (2018) by this 2020 edition.
It is composed of 88 modification sheets (no. 1631 to 172, both included).
The changes made to this 2020 edition are notably related to the following provisions:

〇 The inclusion of the improvements identified during work to demonstrate compliance of the code with the essential requirements of French regulations (appendix I of the directive 2014/68/EU and appendices I to IV of the French order of 30 December 2015 modified on 30 September 2018, referred to as the “ESPN order”), with changes related to design, including:
  - FM 1631 which gives details on the assessment of subcycles in the fatigue analysis and refers to standard SO 12110-2 (Rainflow method);
  - FM 1665 which provides details on the definition of the local membrane requirement;
  - FM 1689 limiting the scope of C 3223.6 for elliptical bottoms;
  - FM 1691 which specifies the domain of validity of determination formulas for determining the minimum thickness of torispherical bottoms;
  - FM 1699 which provides a clarification of the text on the classification of the requirements in the nozzles;
  - FM 1700 which provides a clarification of the taking into account of thermohydraulic phenomena and decreases from 80°C to 50°C the variation of temperatures from which these phenomena must be taken into account by the designer of the austenitic stainless steel pipes;
  - FM 1712 makes it possible to perform calculations according to B 3200 with stress indexes, from the FSI/Fatigue work.
〇 FM 1685 which excludes the grades NC 15 Fe T Nb A and NC 19 Fe Nb for pressure parts and FM 1686 excludes STR M 3203 for an ESPN application of level N1;
〇 FM 1635 transcribes a provision on the radiation protection guide by requiring the surface conditions in contact with the primary fluid or a fluid injected for STR M 3402 and M 3405;
〇 FM 1673 makes more stringent requirements in the body of the text concerning the proof test that is lower than that required in chapters B 5200 and C 5200;
〇 Significant modifications have been made to chapters F 5000 and F 6000;
〇 A new chapter M 116 specifying the items to be documented during the use of a manufacturing not referenced by RCC-M.

This edition also includes changes to standards that were not subject to an overhaul; they are found in the tables A 1300.

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