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RCC-CW 2020

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RCC-CW 2020




RCC-CW 2020: Rules for Design and Construction of PWR Nuclear Civil Works
AFCEN RCC-CW 2020: 加圧水型原子炉発電所の土木工事における設計および建設規則
発行年/月 2020年   
装丁 Softcover
発送予定 海外倉庫よりお取り寄せ 1-3週間以内に発送します


The AFCEN RCC-CW 2020 Edition includes the following improvements:

- Update of quality management system requirements (GGENP, GA),
- Clarification of the Load Combination (LC 10) for steelwork (DGENR 3400),
- Requirements for Deep foundations (DGEOT 7000, CGEOT 8000),
- Evolution of leaktightness requirements SLS (DCONC 6000),
- Evolution of the durability requirements: reduction of concrete cover (DCONC, CA),
- Improvement of the required minimum reinforcement with scale effect for containment (DCONC),
- Minor corrections on wording (DCLIN, DPLIN),
- Evolution of requirements related to the design and installation of anchorages (DANCH, CANCH),
- Evolution of the Seismic appendix (DA),
- Editorial corrections (CCONC),
- Overall revision of the prestressing requirements (CPTSS, CC, CCONC, DCONC),
- A new chapter CGEOM on geomembranes,
- A new chapter CCONT for containment construction,
- A new Part AM (Ageing management) with two new chapters:
o AMGENR: General requirements,
o AMCONT: Ageing management for containment.