BCPC The Pesticide Manual, 19th Edition, BCPC 農薬マニュアル第19版

BCPC The Pesticide Manual, 19th Edition

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BCPC The Pesticide Manual, 19th Edition




The Pesticide Manual, 19th Edition
BCPC 農薬マニュアル第19版
出版社 BCPC Publications ltd.
発行年/月 2021年10月   
装丁 Hardcover
ページ数 1400 ページ
発送予定 1-2営業日以内に発送します(版元在庫無くなり次第販売終了します)


Over 1400 pages packed full of pesticide data, including:

- Chemical structure, target site of action, field of use, resistance code, chemical class
- Nomenclature - IUPAC, Chemical abstract names, CAS RN, EPA pesticide code, EC Number and development codes
- Physical chemistry properties, history, manufacturer, patents, route of action and spectrum, uses, formulation types
- NEW regulatory section with references to toxicological and regulatory reviews, WHO toxicity and IARC classifications
- Current status of EU and US EPA registrations
- Ecotoxicology data covering birds, fish, aquatic organisms, worms and bees
- Environmental fate information for animals, plants, soil and the environment

- Entire data set has been reviewed and updated
- Addition of a further 34 new active ingredients bringing the total to 839
- All structures redrawn
- “Stability” section now split by “hydrolytic stability”, “aequeous photolytic stability” and “thermal stability”
- “Analysis” section also revised to separate the methods reported for analysis of “Products” (active ingredient or formulation) is separate to that for “Residues”.
- CIPAC codes also now included where available.
- Nomenclature section revised to include IUPAC and CAS names plus CAS RN for esters and salts of active ingredients
- EPA pesticide codes (PC) added
- “Target site of action” field for easy selection or comparison of groups of similar pesticides
- Use rates in common units, and Uses field revised for clarity
- AOEL (Acceptable Operator Exposure Level) included along with ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) and RfD
(acute and chronic Reference Doses)
- Includes the revised Ecotoxicology section with common formats to simplify comparisons
- EPA registration status included
- EU Approval status updated
- Company data updated to reflect changes in the industry